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YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH ITS 2016 AND YOU THINK YOU CAN BUY A JOY DIVISION SHIRT OFF EBAY AND BE “GOTH”. First off joy division kinda sucks they had like two good songs, and Bauhaus only had one good song. everyone knows the greatest goth band is The Sisters of Mercy, listen to the Floodland album its a god damned masterpiece, also The Damned are kinda good too, so is adam ant but thats more NEWro . Anyways I have a 7 foot tall original sisters of mercy merciful release subway poster framed on my wall you stupid roasted dum dum. Go back to pintrest dummy, you hot topic shopping normie. YOU WILL NEVER BE GOTH. FUCK YOU. Just cus you have black clothes and black lipstick you think you can be “Gothic”?!?!? I saw you singing along to Cardi B fuckin normal regular un-special person take the word GOTH out yo mouth before some real count Dracula nibbas roll up and pull yo card.

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